Bethany Vol. Fire Dept.
Proudly serving our community since 1934
Our Mission - To protect the lives and property of the people of Bethany from fires, natural disasters, and hazardous materials incidents; to save lives by providing emergency medical services; to prevent fires through prevention and education programs; and to provide a work environment that values cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination.

The mission of the Bethany Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary is to support the members of the Bethany Volunteer Firemen’s Association in their pursuit of life safety, incident stabilization, and environmental/property preservation of the citizens they serve and their respective memberships. The members of the Auxiliary will pursue their mission through activities supporting the fiscal, public service, and response support needs of the Bethany Volunteer Firemen’s Association.

Become An Auxiliary Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the auxilary you may contact Amy Cogill at (203)-410-2602 or at Auxilary meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at Fire Headquarters

Membership Information

Membership consists of individuals whose name appears on the official Bethany Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary roster.

Members can be defined as:

  • Active members in good standing
  • Active members not in good standing 
  • Social members
  • Lifetime members
  • Junior members

Requirements for consideration to membership:

  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must complete application for membership in writing.
  • Junior membership is open for ages 14-17, follow explorer guidelines.
  • Applicants must demonstrate interest and good faith through attendance of three consecutive business meetings. (If you may have any issues attending three in a row, that is no problem we can discuss)
  • During this third business meeting, the application, recommendation, and show of good faith will be reviewed. Also at this time, applicant may be voted into membership by a majority vote in an executive session during the regular business meeting.
  • After being voted in and payment of dues, the applicant will become known as a “member in good standing.”
  • Current members must complete membership application annually.

Categories of Memberships

“Active Member in Good Standing”

  • Contribution of dues, in the form of $5 annually, to be collected in accordance with the fiscal year beginning with the July business meeting.
  • Will attend a minimum 50% of regularly scheduled business meetings and assist with all fundraising events in some capacity.

(NOTE: For 2016-2017 there are 5 out of 9 meetings that are required to attend. We do not have meetings in August or January. Fundraising requirement examples, if it is the Car Show / Valentines Day Dance and you are able to attend and assist day of event, great, but if not then shopping, advertising, delivery of items would be considered assisting. No major issues on not being able to attend, just trying to let everyone get in on the event and help)

  • Members in good standing have the privileges of voting, participating in meetings and Auxiliary functions, and may possess key fobs and license plates.

“Active Member Not in Good Standing”

  • Has paid dues and has participated in meetings and fundraising activities but at a level below the minimum requirements to be in good standing.
  • Can not vote in elections. 
  • ​May or may not retain key fob and license plate per auxiliary officers review and if needed executive board review.  

“Social Member”

  • Social members will be allowed to participate in meetings and Auxiliary functions however, they may not vote and are not required to pay dues. They may not possess key fobs or license plates.
  • There are no minimum meeting or fundraising requirements for social members.

“Lifetime Member”

  • Lifetime membership shall be granted to individuals who have twenty years of active service to the Auxiliary. Lifetime members shall have all the privileges of members in good standing, but cannot vote or possess key fobs unless also a current member in good standing.

“Junior Member”

  • Junior members are ages 14-17 and will follow the explorer guidelines.
  • Junior members cannot vote, hold office, or possess a key fob or license plate.
  • Junior members should attend at least 50% of meetings and assist in at least two fundraising activities in some capacity.

Revocation of Membership
Any member that brings harm to the purpose and/or image of the organization may have their respective membership revoked by means of a seconded motion and 2/3 vote of the membership.

All business meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm. at 765 Amity Road (Bethany Volunteer Fire Dept.) in the auxiliary room, unless otherwise noted.

Our Order of Business
1.Roll call – Secretary
2.Reading of minutes from previous meeting – Secretary
3.Treasures Report – Treasurer
4.Committee Reports – Chairperson
5.Old Business – President/Vice President
6.New business – President/Vice President

Usually a meeting will last 1 hour.

Besides the meetings and the fundraisers, our main purpose is to be there to support the Fire Department in any emergency/incident/fire when called upon. It is not often that our assistance is needed but we are always prepared to lend a helping hand should an event arise.

Contacts at the Auxiliary

Bethany Volunteer Fire Department | 765 Amity Road Bethany CT 06524
Amy Cogill

Vice President
Joan Gervasio

Nicole Philibert

Lucy Dittman and Dolores Kane
Coming events